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The key to creating, much like writing, is to never stop. Never stop thinking, scheming, writing, and looking for inspiration. That's why I've decided to include an "Inspiration" section. If not only to have a place to organize years of bookmarked inspiration, but to also share what keeps my mind — and heart —motivated to create. 

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#annareadsthis: ‘How To Be A Person In The World’ by Heather Havrilesky

Seeing as how a version of Pizza Hut’s BOOK IT! program is yet to be created for adults, I’ve created my own of sorts…

Except it doesn’t involve pizza of any kind. Or any rewards. Or the satisfying pin to wear with pride upon completion. This is all to say I’m going to read books and log them here. (Until I can get my greedy pizza paws on one of those pins…) A few quotes that stuck out to me. Easy peasy. (Time sadly doesn’t allow for me to write reviews. As much as I would love to do exactly that. Someday. Promise.)

First up…

On modern living…


On allowing ourselves to be human…


On embracing the messiness of life…

IMG_2796 2.JPG

To twinkling and twinges, indeed.

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