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The key to creating, much like writing, is to never stop. Never stop thinking, scheming, writing, and looking for inspiration. That's why I've decided to include an "Inspiration" section. If not only to have a place to organize years of bookmarked inspiration, but to also share what keeps my mind — and heart —motivated to create. 

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Storytelling with data // Mona Chalabi

Oh data. How we love it, breathe it… plan our futures around it! It’s considered the new oil, for crying out loud!

And, contrary to what Liza Minnelli‘s Cabaret song would have you believe, money does not, in fact, make the world go round, but rather data. (Which is used to make money but let’s continue with the topic at hand, ok? Cool!) Data = dollars


But oh my data. The way it’s presented. Charts on charts on charts. Never told as a story. But data is one big story! Isn’t that exciting? I get excited when I think about it. But as numbers and I don’t mix so well, it can be overwhelming.


Data journalist Mona Chalabi turns data into stories, charts included! And it is wonderful. I love her approach — how story comes through and makes you want to look into the data, not just glaze over at the sight of numbers (guilty, as charged).

Drpy_VzWoAUlSZq (1).jpg

When you marry data and creativity, and see that there are so many ways to tell a story, it’s a beautiful thing, literally.