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The key to creating, much like writing, is to never stop. Never stop thinking, scheming, writing, and looking for inspiration. That's why I've decided to include an "Inspiration" section. If not only to have a place to organize years of bookmarked inspiration, but to also share what keeps my mind — and heart —motivated to create. 

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Women of the House
women of the house

Nearly as inspirational as the women it showcases, ELLE magazine’s editorial introduction of the Freshmen Congresswomen to the United States House of Representatives is excellence in digital journalism.

The most diverse class to make up the House in its 230-year history, Elle poignantly presents the women of this historical moment through riveting photography, reporting, and editorial work. The hopes and aspirations captured in this piece are conveyed so beautifully that I can’t help but beam with pride of having these women represent us. (Included below are a few excerpts, however I implore you to read the piece in its entirety at

Elle -- Women of the House
Elle -- Women of the House

Note: So proud to have Congresswoman Davids representing my home state of Kansas! — Did you know Kansas was the FIRST state to vote a woman into public office? Susanna Salter was voted mayor April 4, 1887, only months after Kansas women were granted the right to vote — 33 years before women of the United States were granted the right to vote nationally.

Elle -- Women of the House