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The key to creating, much like writing, is to never stop. Never stop thinking, scheming, writing, and looking for inspiration. That's why I've decided to include an "Inspiration" section. If not only to have a place to organize years of bookmarked inspiration, but to also share what keeps my mind — and heart —motivated to create. 

Forwarded Friday // Volume 3.

Interesting, bizarre, fun, and sometimes just random internet finds that I’ve forwarded to friends, family, or colleagues, this week…

Interesting, bizarre, fun, and sometimes just random internet finds that I’ve forwarded to friends, family, or colleagues, this week…

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I’ve been in the “blogosphere” for more than a decade and it’s been a wild ride that honestly gets weirder by the day — and the latest drama does not disappoint. Influencer Caroline Calloway’s “workshop” is making headlines as the first big viral scam of 2019. W Magazine writer Andrea Park reported from the trenches.

“After lunch, Calloway returned to retelling her life story for another 30 minutes, under the guise of talking about the importance of physical and mental health, and turning your hardships into art, then declared that it was time to take individual photos with each attendee. Calloway had promised in the event listing that she would be teaching attendees her "secret" to making flower crowns out of orchids, but when it was my turn to take photos with her and learn this secret, she merely clipped an orchid that had been attached to a butterfly clip (and then reused on every single attendee) behind my ear, and whispered, The secret to flower crowns is there is no secret.’”

What do The Gap, Brady Bunch, Monty Python, The Internet, The Moon, & 45 other things have in common? They’re all celebrating their 50th(!) birthday this year. I was surprised by so many of those included — I never realized how long some things have been around.



One of the best things to come out of 2018 is undisputedly Gritty. Who is Gritty? You ask? Grab a cup of tea and read about this national treasure’s birth story.

“According to Gritty's official bio, the slack-jawed, muppet-mouthed creature was a reclusive subterranean being before construction disturbed his secret dwelling underneath the Wells Fargo Center and forced him to the surface. Fathered by a "bully," Gritty inherited some aggressive tendencies and a general bumptious demeanor but is fiercely loyal to his team and their fans, who swiftly grew to love their big nightmare boy.”

Along with seemingly the rest of the Netflix-watching world, I’ve been obsessed with sorting out what does and not spark joy in my home thanks to Marie Kondo’s hit show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. It’s such a simple concept, and coming from the US, the episodes resonate with me immensely. Houses in the Midwest have far more unused space than any home I’ve been in in Europe , and therefore, we have a lot more places to stick stuff: ergo, collect unnecessary things. Town & Country spoke with the organizing guru and I just wish she and I could be BFF already.

“Kondo: I have a secret for raising our joy level for things we know we need but that fail to excite us: shower them with praise. Let the items know that while they may not inspire joy, you really need them. For example, to a remote control, you can say, “Thank you for supporting our family’s evening bonding time.” Or “I appreciate your sleek design. Thanks for always being there to help me relax when I need a break.”

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Beloved poet Mary Oliver passed away earlier this week at the age of 83. Her words and poems have been written on my heart since I discovered her in high school. What an amazing soul we had to say goodbye to — How lucky are we that she shared her wondrous words with us.

“Oliver published ‘Our World,’ a collection of Cook’s photographs interwoven with her own writings on their life together, in 2007, two years after Cook’s death. In it, she wrote, “The end of life has its own nature, also worth our attention. I don’t say this without reckoning in the sorrow, the worry, the many diminishments. But surely it is then that a person’s character shines or glooms.”



Cartoon of the Week

New Yorker Cartoon, January 16, 2019

New Yorker Cartoon, January 16, 2019