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The key to creating, much like writing, is to never stop. Never stop thinking, scheming, writing, and looking for inspiration. That's why I've decided to include an "Inspiration" section. If not only to have a place to organize years of bookmarked inspiration, but to also share what keeps my mind — and heart —motivated to create. 

Forwarded Friday // Volume 2.

Interesting, bizarre, fun, and sometimes just random internet finds that I’ve forwarded to friends, family, or colleagues, this week…

Interesting, bizarre, fun, and sometimes just random internet finds that I’ve forwarded to friends, family, or colleagues, this week…


What happens when your brand tries to stay exactly as it was in its glory days of say, 10 years ago? Nothing good, that’s for sure. Look no further than Victoria’s Secret for the perfect example of incredible self-destructive brand stubbornness and what happens as as result.

“It takes an extraordinary amount of ineptitude, laziness, and sheer disregard to make a show as stultifying and lifeless as the Victoria’s Secret one,” Givhan wrote. “Greater diversity would be welcome, but it can’t save Victoria’s Secret from its own self-destruction.”

Did you know… a Spanish bakery will install a thermal breadbox to your house for free & deliver fresh bread daily to you? Or… that the average viewer’s age for Viceland TV is 42? OR that 54% of Chinese born after 1995 chose “influencer” as their desired profession? Well now you do! Plus 49 other fascinating facts from consultant Tom Whitwell.


Girl Who Gave No Fucks

A fairytale for self-critical women everywhere, I am sure there are loads of lessons for me to learn in Amy Kean’s book, The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks. She sat down with The Drum to discuss the book’s conception and reception.

“Years ago, a more senior female at an agency I worked for said to me: “you have two options: you can be yourself, or you can progress in your career.” I’ve never forgotten it and know so many people who’ve been told similar. Being a woman in marketing is tricky because there’s so much personal critique: you’re too loud, too enthusiastic, too informal, too emotional, too nice, too hard on people, too overpowering, not enough gravitas, too much cleavage, clothes too frumpy, A bitch. The amount of times I’ve heard people say about ‘stern’ female bosses: “Oh, she just needs a good shag.” What’s worse is this is often women talking about other women. We’ve forged strict templates and regulate each other’s behaviour in a way that men don’t. The book is the fruit of my frustrations and encourages women to be themselves no matter what, personally and professionally. It’s about how we should support each other more; we don’t always have to agree but we can stop pushing other women down as we clamber for the spotlight. There’s room for all of us to succeed, and for a multitude of diverse, powerful characters.”


Rookie is the child prodigy of digital editorials. Though I’m a bit older than the its founder, Tavi Gevinson, I did grow up looking to Rookie as one of my blogger idols. It’s a brilliant example of experience not always being staple ingredient for success, and the hope and joy and exciting energy young creatives can breathe into a space. Rookie had an incredibly successful run, and it acted as a spark that ignited thousands of young people’s creativity — and to end on such a poignant note, wow. Bravo, Rookie. You will be missed.

“Now onto the celebrations. To everyone who has bared their souls through their writing and art on Rookie, making us all feel seen, heard, connected, and inspired; making Rookie better, smarter, and more human: Thank you. It has been an absolute gift—I don’t know how else to describe it—to see you interpret Rookie’s monthly themes in your own work. To learn about you through your art. I will really miss that exchange of ideas and experiences. And now I am actually starting to cry, thinking about how much love and vulnerability have gone into the thousands of articles, essays, poems, advice, stories, interviews, photos, illustrations, comics, collages, playlists, and videos on Rookie. Thank you.”

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There’s no doubt were living in the Golden Age of Podcasts. I’m a dedicated listener at least 5 a week (you can read about my favorites from 2017 here), and I am always on the search for new gems.

“Short Cuts: Short documentaries The Radio 4 show offers “brief encounters, true stories, radio adventures and found sound” and each one is a self-contained gem. Josie Long presents the long-running series packed with observations on themes from sibling rivalry to mortality, and just about everything else in between, so you never know what you’re going to get.”



Cartoon of the Week

New Yorker Cartoon, December 7, 2018

New Yorker Cartoon, December 7, 2018