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A small update (that doesn’t require you to restart your computer)

2019-01-29 22:43:02.649.jpeg

I wanted to keep the computer metaphor going along with the title of this post, but I can’t torture you with that — instead I’ll get right to the point:

I accepted a new job in November & will be starting this Friday(!). With this exciting news comes the bittersweet farewell to an agency I poured my “Herzblut“ (German for “heart & soul”) into the last four years.

And for once, words fail me.

As a writer, there’s an awful lot of pressure to poignantly summarize the closing of one proverbial chapter before you begin the next.

I have loads I could share, anecdotes full of moments of utter joy, and ones rife with twists and turns. But I don’t think I’d have anything particularly interesting to share right now — though the journals from these past year will no doubt be someday shared in the pages of my book. (But you’ll have to buy that!)

I think I’ll just sit with the past four years for now.

I am not the same naive, new-to-the-Agency-world, 25-year-old girl from Kansas City I was the day I started. Nope. I am now a slightly less naive, very-aware-of-the-ways-of-the-Agency-world, 29-year-old girl who has called Hamburg home the past 4 years — a bit wiser, considerably tougher, and a lover of the Hamburger Lifestyle. (Not to be confused with the food, though I do love that, too.)

To prevent this from becoming a word salad of regurgitated lyrics from Vitamin C’s absolute masterpiece “Graduation”, I’ll just say that the lessons have been innumerable, the friends invaluable, and the memories unbelievable. See! I have to stop now — the cliches & cheesiness are seeping in!

To all of you who were characters in this particular journey, thank you. Truly. Thank you.

Anna A.