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What I subscribe to: Words of Women's Newsletter


I came across the Words of Women Instagram a few years ago, and, by some lucky twist of fate, was deemed a Words of Women Ambassador.

Words of Women is an online & physical community with more than 125,000 followers and growing. Its purpose is to educate, entertain, and empower women to rise to their potential and follow in the footsteps of heroines that have come before us.

Each Monday, a newsletter arrives in my inbox, and each Monday, I carve out a space of time in which I can truly devour and meditate on its contents. You see, this isn’t your average newsletter, rather a lesson, affirmation, and encouragement all in one. With an essay of sorts with a theme, followed by a Word of the Week, Tidbit of the Week, Mantra of the Week, and Astrology Fun, there're endless amounts of wisdom to use as reflection and inspiration for your week ahead.


Its most recent newsletter boasted the above quote/imagery which really spoke to me at this current season of my life, as well as this beautiful stated mantra:

A Promise To Myself To Slow Down

A few days ago, I had to remind myself to slow down. Life isn’t a race. Social media isn’t a race. I sometimes get stuck in this vicious cycle of putting pressure on myself to do things that don’t deserve to be pressured, feeling overwhelmed, realizing what I’m doing, quitting — then starting the entire cycle again a few weeks later. Always working, always going, always onto the next thought/project, strongly opinionated, a natural busy bee. It’s how I’ve always been, at my core. But in doing so, I find myself being tired for no reason, with a headache, and overwhelmed with anxiety. This is not a life I want to live, a cycle I want to repeat. So, this is my promise to myself to slow myself down when I’m feeling overly ambitious and headstrong. It’s okay to live in the moment. It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to not be on top all the time. I want to master the “perfect” balance of rest and relaxation, and hard work and dedication. (via Tumblr)

If you’re looking for a beautiful thing for your Mondays (which I think we all are!), sign up for the Words of Women Newsletter, and follow the Words of Women Instagram for daily brilliance.

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